My Story

My art is guided by the unpredictable hurricane of my manic depression. I suffer bouts of polar opposite ups and downs. While in my "up" stages, my art is influenced by my love of vintage toys, pop culture, and graffiti art. While in my "down" stages, mixed media art reflecting upon faith and commodity seems to be what unfolds. When I am not making the arts, I am working on film sets as an Assistant Director, or teaching kids the English language and a love of literature. 

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My Background

Grew up in New York, and was introduced early to hip hop culture and graffiti art. Always seemed a bit obsessed with the Ninja Turtles, so naturally the first thing I painted when handed a can of Krylon was Raphael.


My Medium

I am currently focusing on spray paint on canvas with paint marker details. For the mixed media pieces, if it ain't glued down, it will be on one of my creations.